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The Devil’s Web (Shadow Squadron #3) is finished!

To my great delight (and surprise), sales have been very encouraging since day one of publication, on Amazon, in Kindle format.

My next steps are to produce The Devil’s Web as a paperback and begin promotion. It may come as a surprise, but if you know how, you really can do it yourself. I use Amazon’s sister company CreateSpace. I have to adapt the original manuscript, download the correct template, and slot the amended manuscript into the template. It doesn’t take too long, the process is painless as long as the various stages as adhered to closely. I then have to upload the front cover (which I also designed) to CreateSpace. Once I’m happy, and everything is uploaded successfully, the package is reviewed, checked thoroughly, and made available for sale as a fully finished paperback, printed on demand.

The next stage is promotion. The best book in the world is no good to the reading public, unless word escapes that its ‘out there’ in the world-wide marketplace. Changing the blurb on my various books appearing on Amazon and Smashwords (another web-based ebook retailer), is the first step. Using social media - Twitter - helps to bang the drum for the new book. I send out emails to as many interested parties that I can, trying hard to avoid spamming, of course. Once the ball starts to roll, after a week or two, word of mouth kicks in and sales really take off.

I’d like to produce a audio version, maybe I will? The only trouble is, that its a big no-no to use tools like MicroSoft electronic voices. Although they are very good, I’d face a massive lawsuit if I used their voiceover system for commercial purposes. Shame really, because the trial version I produced is actually rather good, but alas, I can’t use it!

I’m still chewing on what to write next? My short story - The Cold Light of Dawn did pretty well, and I quite fancy writing a collection of shorties concerning WW1. Science fiction still beckons, as does another Roman Legion tale? I’ll having a week off, and should know by then what I’m going to write soon.

My very best wishes to you, and I hope you continue to enjoy my books. - DB David Black Books

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