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SAS Shadow Squadron Series #2


It’s a heart-pumping, adrenaline filled thrill-ride in the second of the SAS Shadow Squadron series, Sgt. Pat Farrell and his men are back in action, in DARK EMPIRE.

Pat and his reserve SAS troop are on a training mission in Kenya, when they are suddenly ordered into the heart of Africa, on what should be a straightforward humanitarian rescue mission.

Unfortunately, nothing is straightforward on the Dark Continent. Pat and his men quickly find themselves betrayed and trapped, deep inside the primitive, war-ravaged Congo. They are hunted day and night by Congolese government forces and a savage legion of drug-crazed guerrillas, led by a black-hearted, psychopathic madman. Things don't always go to plan...even for the SAS!

Can Pat, Spike and Danny escape the unspeakable horrors encountered while protecting their terrified civilian charges? Will they prevail against impossible and overwhelming odds?

Nothing is certain in Dark Empire, until the very last page…

Also available in paperback, direct from Amazon.